TradeShark Software Review
Introducing the John Person Premium Trading Indicators

My goal has been to continually educate traders and provide them with the technological tools to compete in today’s complex markets. I am very excited to share this TradeShark software review with you and specifically about my personal trading indicators in the TradeShark software. I have released two exclusive indicators with the TradeShark’s Software and John Person’s Volume Indicator and John Person’s Support and Resistance Indicator. You can see me talk about them in depth during these interview segments, go to

As you know from my years of research and learning from George Lane, I am very interested in how volume impacts the markets. But markets don’t trade in a vacuum. With today’s global markets, when prices in one market move, it’s bound to affect prices in other closely related markets. That’s the premise of intermarket analysis, an approach pioneered in trading software by Louis Mendelsohn in the late 1980 and early 1990’s. I’ve personally known Lou for over 30 years and his son Lane for about 15 years. This concept it taken to a whole new level with TradeShark, the next generation trading software which applies the pattern recognition capabilities of neural networks to analyze global market data.

TradeShark goes far beyond just analyzing the underlying relationships among markets. Through its patented computerized processes and algorithms, TradeShark creates predictive technical indicators that offer reliable, accurate short-term price and trend forecasts each day for hundreds of global markets. It even transforms widely-used, lagging technical indicators such as MACD, RSI and stochastics into powerful, predictive indicators that can actually forecast market direction.

TradeShark exploits the advanced pattern recognition capabilities of neural networks to identify and quantify these intermarket relationships not visible to the human eye. Through its proprietary, patented software processes, TradeShark quantifies the degree and extent of these relationships to create its predictive technical indicators, which then generate its daily price and trend forecasts. This gives its users a decided edge in spotting impending trend shifts. TradeShark’s approach, in effect, means the difference between trading decisions made with foresight instead of hindsight. This means getting into and out of trades at more opportune times before these underlying market changes become apparent to others.

As TradeShark goes through its intricate neural network process, the software does all the heavy lifting. TradeShark is as easy to use for any novice as well as even an advanced institutional level trader. You don’t have to know or understand anything that’s happening under the hood about intermarket relationships, neural networks, pattern recognition or forecasting methodologies, and you don’t need to do any programming whatsoever.

With just a few minutes each evening to update the daily data, you are ready to make your trading decisions based on what the predictive indicators are telling you about the future direction of each target market. That’s very important. Because if you have a complex cockpit and all these dials, you don’t know which one is for what and it takes years of development and training, this is extremely easy, fast to learn, to see how, go to

With TradeShark, it’s just simply, click, drag and drop. You can see the levels on the charts and then you can take your price order and know where to place your stop and as the market moves up, as they all teach you and everyone ones heard before, “Let’s your profit’s run.”That’s an easy phrase. No one ever tells you how to do it and that’s what the John Person Support and Resistance Indicator in TradeShark does.

Everyone can get into a trade.I’ve got a mouse, point and click, I’m in a trade, now what? Where do I move my stop? What’s my profit target? What’s the momentum of the market? Is there strength behind this market? Is it moving or as the markets moving, does it have legs to run? The exclusive John Person Indicators in TradeShark can help with this. My favorite feature in TradeShark of course are my two proprietary indicators which are exclusive to TradeShark. My indicators help you to determine price levels, to learn more go to

The support and reversal indicator I use in my own personal trading repertoire and I don’t really talk about it, nor have I had this released in other indicator packages. Mainly because I don’t want everyone to use it or know about it, quite frankly. This is one that helps us to determine stop placement and how to trail a stop. To see an example, go to

It works for both things, trailing our stops and knowing what our risk-factor is. That’s real important for two things. “What’s my risk when I get into trade?” Everyone looks at great opportunity, fantastic trade opportunities, but what did that opportunity come at the cost of risking? That’s where this TradeShark indicator helps us to determine from the point of entry: where does my initial stop go. Therefore, it does two things. It tracks how to initially put your stop when you get into a trade, how to trail your stop, and also a reversal point of when a trend starts to go from up to down or vice versa.

TradeShark’s features and capabilities are limitless. Its beauty is that you don’t need to understand any of the artificial intelligence routines or algorithms that are used to uncover the elusive, subtle relationships among markets that you cannot see with your eye by looking at a chart. TradeShark does all of that for you under its hood. Then, it gives you all of the pertinent information you need to make informed and timely trading decisions so you can profit from the intermarket relationships that drive today’s globally intertwined markets, without giving up your day job or sacrificing time that should be spent with your family.

Bottom line: TradeShark is, without question, a powerful trading tool whose predictive indicators can help make you a much more successful trader through its unique intermarket analysis approach that Louis Mendelsohn pioneered and has been focused on perfecting through its R&D since the late 1980s. TradeShark is as easy to use for any novice as well as even an advanced institutional level trader. With its long, proven record of expertise in trading software development, and TradeShark’s highly accurate forecasts, the software’s cost should be able to be recouped very quickly through improved trading performance. I strongly encourage you to look into this powerful software.

Go to their website for a free demo and ask about the John Person Premium Indictors Phone: (800) 732-5407 or (813) 973-0496