Day Trading Mentoring Program in South Florida

Spend five days of intensive instruction and live trading with us at our office with John Person as your Mentor.

This invitation is only for traders looking to break to the next level in their trading experience. We offer five day intensive advanced trading education and live trading – only 20 individuals qualify per year – 4 students per session each quarter.

Our trading curriculum follows a very strict format, similar to a boot camp style regiment. It was structured to help traders focus on their trading plans, enhance discipline and develop their own personal trading plan. These are the areas of improvement many traders wish to accomplish.

The process will begin by selecting an elite group to be screened for these mentoring classes which are strictly limited on a first come first served basis. An understanding of John’s methodology is required to apply for this event. The cost of this program is $15,000 and it includes John Person’s LIFETIME Indicators. If you need assistance with payment arrangements or have questions, please call our office 561-655-1881

Private Day Trading Mentoring -Class Schedule for the year 2020

Cost $15,000

March 2nd – March 6th, 2020
Other dates: May 4th and July 27th

Due to the limited seating for these classes, we recommend to call our office and we will add your name to our waiting list, this would guarantee you a place in our next class.

Requirements: Again seating is extremely limited and subject to John’s approval for entry.

Do not miss out on this rare opportunity. You must qualify for this event, Applicants must have a basic understanding of John’s methodology.


Our mentoring approach will teach you to:

» Learn how to best choose your trade using Day Trading & Swing Trading techniques and looking for set-up in Stocks, Stock Options, Futures and other scenarios.

» Learn how to take advantage of Futures, Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and comparing what day trading strategies can be employed by using Position trading techniques with John’s methodology.

» Learn how we build our own indicators and the intricacies behind other specific indicators in order to help develop a higher degree of confidence on those signals.

» You will walk-way improving your odds of finding the right trading strategy in order to boost income, increase your risk-adjusted rates of return and to help manage your equity positions.

» See how John picks out trading set-ups and what he watches to help filter out false or low probability set-ups and signals.

» Learn to properly prepare mentally as well as physically for the trading session.

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