The 2019 Seminar Cruise with Master Trader
& Technical Analyst John Person

You know when you are making the right choice when you can TAKE a vacation and COMBINE the BEST way to learn how to properly trade the markets aboard one of Royal Caribbean largest ships.

Do you want the FREEDOM of not being paralyzed by a gazillion different choices, and instead just have something that looks and works great all on its own? Then you’ll LOVE joining US!
June 9, 2019 – June 16th, 2019

Where will this cruise take you?

Leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico and cruise to the following Caribbean Islands:

Philipsburg, St Maarten – Basseterre, St Knitts – St John, Antigua – Castries, St Lucia – Bridgetown, Barbados – Cruising one day and back to Puerto Rico.

John says: “It is all right to have losses, HOWEVER…it is not all right to always have them, especially when they are bigger than your winners. If you learn how to eliminate mistakes from your trading, I mean the costly ones, you’ll become a successful trader you’ve always wanted to be.”

Prices as low as $1478 per person

Does the idea of having a Trading Methodology that actually works FOR you and not against you sound appealing?

Then we’ll be please to have you join us. If you are sincerely interested in substantially improving your Stock and Futures trading results, then I urge you to attend this Seminar at Sea. You will have a life-changing experience that, we believe, will vastly improve your bottom line results.

Treat your mind like your body, DON’T fill it with JUNK.

John will teach you::

A Trading methodology that covers specific method for trading high performance set-ups for all markets.
John will teach you to quickly identify appropriate risk and reward objectives, keeping your trades well within your planned criteria.



Day Day of Week Port Location Arrival Departure Tender/ Dock
1 SUNDAY Puerto Rico
8:30 PM D
2 MONDAY Philipsburg, St Maarten
8:00 AM  5:00PM D
Basseterre, St Kitts, & Nevis
 8:00AM 5:00 PM D
St Johns, Antigua
 8:00 AM  5:00PM D
5 THURSDAY Castries, St Lucia
9:00 AM 6:00 PM D
Bridgetown, Barbados
8:00 AM 5:00 PM D
San Juan, Puerto Rico
6:00 AM D

Itinerary :Please note that the cruise stops at different ports every day, so we are trying to keep schedule that will benefit the students and their families. Prior to Cruising: ONLINE Class on Saturday, June 1st – 9:00AM-11:30AM (If we can’t secured a hotel in Puerto Rico.

Saturday – June 8th 9:00PM – 2:00PM Class (If we can’t secured hotel, class will be done ONLINE
Sunday – June 9th at 12:00PM – 5:00PM Class
Saturday – June 15th 9:00AM – 1:00PM Class

John Person Seminar

Freedom Class ships represent an excellent value for families that want to cruise on a large ship that has lots of activities, but not break their budget. From a pure value standpoint, the Freedom Class ships are a great choice for a fabulous cruise experience combine this ship with our own Seminar and you have the perfect vacation.

This is not the first round for us, we hosted several of these type of events and received great reviews:

  • John was the best instructor, explained everything with clarity.
  • The material was presented in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • John is a Master on Technical Analysis.
  • The printed material was clear and easy to follow
  • I had the best time attending this Seminar

John Person Seminar at Sea

Category Staterooms

Price per person
Seminar Price
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OS-Owner Suite
GS- Grand Suite
J4- Junior Suite
2D – Ocean Balcony
6V- Interior Cabin
2N- Ocean View Window
Seminar ONLY

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY REQUIRED – TAXES / non-commissionalble cruise fares included


John Person Seminars

Here’s What You’ll Learn

John will teach you, step by step, point by point: John’s highly accurate, Short Term Day Trading Method. This method alone could easily make you more than the cost of this workshop in just one or two trades. We know of no other method that is as effective as this one for short term or day trading.

  • Learn how to correctly use his PPS indicator combined with his LCC method to identify short term breakouts to bank fast money!
  • John will show you how to identify a channel setup for short term breakouts of support and resistance.
  • The Blast off Setup for trading on report days. The Volume Trap Indicator, a powerful way to identify false breakdowns for key reversal set-ups.

This type of event is a powerful program which will teach you the way to spot major moves over very short periods of time. This fantastic new approach provides entry signals as well as stops, profit targets and trailing stops.

Don’t miss out another opportunity to learn directly from John Person, one on one!

Learn The Right Methods!

John knows, technical analysis is very important in choosing the right set-ups and how to determine the trend direction. You will see firsthand how John uses his tools to select the RIGHT trades. His technique is even quoted by the “Godfather” of Trading Systems, Perry J. Kaufman in the book New Trading Systems and Methods. John teaches these methods to Pros and now he is ready to share it with you!

Minimize Risk!

John will teach you some of the most potent trading strategies that has more profit potential with less risk , that in most cases develop almost immediately!
If you are serious about wanting to make money and you don’t fully understand ALL the set-ups, triggers and strategies, yet… then you must attend!

Trade Management!

John will teach you how to manage your trades, where you should consider adding positions, cutting positions, special stop placement and when to peel off positions to bank money on profitable trades.

Money Management

This expert will also teach you how to use proper money management. They will also show you that there are times when it is better to diversify and how to capture money from the market, using the markets money, not yours!

FACTS: Traders Need Reliable Information
Traders Need Technology
Traders Need Good Execution
Traders Need Profits
Traders DON’T need Psychological Hang-ups!

But if you’re reading this, you already know which facts are essential when trading the market!

If you liked John’s work such as the HCD Trigger or the LCD pattern, the Blastoff, the Pivot Filter method (all which we will go over as well), then you’ll love learning about his proprietary indicators and the secrets to the NEW Algo 17-Xtreme!

Find out what hundreds of traders have discovered – that not only do his indicators work they generally beat and give consistently early signals than other popular indicators. In fact, John will share with you how to compare his signals against any others! “The secrets John will cover in this powerful seminar are designed to make you a “Superstar Trader”. “IT CAN BE DONE! I have plenty of students to prove it!

Some of the most current messages:

Dear John and Mary, Thank you for putting together a first class cruise. We throughly enjoyed everything. The review of your system with emphasis on how to be more effective has been great for us.. The mentoring at sea was planned and executed extremely well. The schedule was adhered to and also allowed plenty of relaxation and family time. We were presented with many trading ideas and bonus material to help make us successful traders. John and Mary made the cruise even more exciting by offering additional fun things to do and experience. It was a first class cruise! R&J Watson

Thank you VXX algo. Not bad for a days work. Well, a few hours anyway. ???? 3% in two days. R.E

Hi Mary, I just wanted to pass on to you and John, my thanks for a very well run seminar. I heard about it through Jeffrey Scott whom I known from the old HGSI seminar days. He has always spoken highly of John and he didn’t steer me wrong this time either. SP

Hi Mary. Thank you once again for a great seminar. DT

I always knew that the Person PPS and Doji signals were powerful but adding the Algo Optimizer makes the package awesome. A lot of traders lack confidence and creating your own systems with the clarification of statistical analysis is the ideal solution for this problem. Keep doing what you’re doing, all the best. Daren S

Hi John, We’ve met several times at Jeffrey’s meeting and I came to your seminar last fall. I ordered Tradestation and your indicators after that meeting. For a year I’ve had been in a job that kept me from looking at market intraday. I took a few weeks off between jobs and tried a little day trading.
I’m not completely fluent on Tradestation but learning. I’m writing to say THANK YOU for your teaching. I learned a couple nuances that really helped. I tried to discipline myself to “buy at support and sell at resistance”. I’m constantly amazed at how often the calculated support is at some other support like an MA.

THE most helpful thing I learned new was using the last condition change candle, which has it’s own line, as an additional level of support or most often as an intraday price target. I’ve never been as excited about trading or more appreciative of my blessings and people around me and I appreciate you and your lessons. Hope to sign up for a private tutoring week this year. RP

As I mentioned before, you also need to know when and how to apply proper position sizing techniques so when the market moves you are properly positioned.

If you or your trading performance have been struggling; or you have been scared to trade due to a bad past experience; I encourage you to sign up right away and get the best trading education available.

I will teach you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make you a better trader, with less risk than ever before. Armed with this new education you will be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute consistent trades in the market

The secrets and unique techniques we disclose at this event are design to make you a Superstar Trader. There is LIMITED seating available, so sign up now.

Just like in trading, don’t let a little “Theta” time decay leave you in the Dust.
Reserve YOUR seat! Don’t be left out…

About Freedom of the Seas

Passenger capacity: 3634
Passenger Decks: 14
Draught: 8.50m
Gross Tonnage: 160000
Restaurants: 5 –
Bars: 7
Swimming Pools: 2
Spa, Gym, Casino: Yes

  • Ice skating rink
  • Royal Promenade
  • Adventure Ocean youth facilities
  • Full-size Ever-last boxing ring
  • Sports Pool
  • Full-size sports court
  • 9-hole miniature golf course
  • Johnny Rockets 50s’ style restaurant
  • Portofino Italian Restaurant
  • Boleros Latin-themed lounge
  • Sorrento’s Pizza
  • Ben & Jerry’s® ice cream
  • Vintages wine bar
  • Chops Grille

Features on board the Freedom of the Seas

Some of the many notable features on board the Freedom of the Seas includes:

  • A rock-climbing wall with eleven routes and a central spire you can swing around
  • FlowRider surf park at sea
  • Cantilevered whirlpools that extend 12 feet beyond the sides of the ship
  • The H20 ZoneSM waterpark, complete with interactive sculpture fountains, ground geysers and a cascading waterfall
  • Extensive WiFi capabilities and mobile phone connectivity
  • Flat-screen TVs in every stateroom.
  • Aqua park
  • British-Style Pub
  • Designer Shopping
  • Adults-only Solarium pool area
  • Outdoor Movie Screen
  • Panoramic staterooms

Category Staterooms

Price per person
Seminar Price
Select Price Below
OS-Owner Suite (SOLD)
GS- Grand Suite (1-LEFT)
J4- Junior Suite (2-LEFT)
2D – Ocean Balcony (5-LEFT)
6V- Interior Cabin (2-LEFT)
2N- Ocean View Window (1-LEFT)
Seminar ONLY

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY REQUIRED – TAXES / non-commissionalble cruise fares included

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