Algo 17-Xtreme Training


Three-day intensive workshop on Building and Maintaining Algorithm Strategies using the Person’s Algo Optimizer. This is a first come first serve, limited seating for a select few clients that want to get the best out of auto-trading and system strategy designed trade signals. Three days of Optimizing and system maintenance procedures.

imageClimb to the top of your trading potential and give yourself the tools and know how to reach your PEAK performance.

Course Objective: The curriculum will cover a wide range of techniques with the main objective to teach how and when to maintain system-trading models for peak performance.

Requirements: (1) Person’s Lifetime Indicator or VIP package with TS (2) Algo Optimizer License Lifetime and (3) TradeStation Account. so far, our optimizer is only available at TradeStation, we are working on making available with other platforms.

Course Outline:

(1) Defining and classifying time dimensions when trading correlated and non-correlated markets
(2) Optimizing best time and time series to trade
(3) Structural analysis of time series for best triggers and holding periods
(4) Understanding volatility and average true range concepts to utilize peak system optimizations.
(5) Developing long/short or long or short only systems
(6) Filtering breakout strategies using the LCC filtering methods
(7) Knowing when to increase or decrease position size configurations to maximize trading results with proper position size adjustments.


Secure your place for this course now! Seating is very limited and we have already had an overwhelming request to conduct personalized advanced teaching using the Algo Optimize

Where: North Palm Beach, Florida
When: Tuesday, July 9 -11th, 2019
Time: 9:30AM – 4:00PM

Price $2,180

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