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3 Day Trader Intensive -

Decades in the making, it's finally here and available to a select few traders. If you’ve missed trades or didn’t see the signal, and didn't exit the trade fast enough then this is the seminar for you.

Having the ability to act based on predetermined, trust worthy signals, is what makes the difference between a good day versus disastrous day; and that’s extremely important to you, isn’t it?

With decreased market volatility as the latest “new norm”, the trading life may have become too frantic by expecting to make more money than the market may give has added stress to most traders lives. Some traders are forcing trades and losing patience, you can’t take all trades that may happen at all hours of the night, or can you?

To ask why you do what you do, and how you could do it better, reflecting on specific factors large or small can ultimately determine your success, and your income.

Cubs world seriesThere is an old saying: “May your live in interesting times”, well we certainly do. The proof is the Chicago Cubs did win a world series, virtual reality and driverless cars are a reality, and in trading, high frequency, Algo trading and Robo advisors are part of todays’ trading styles, but is  this a curse or a blessing? How, what, when and where we trade has dramatically changed in just five short years.  Where will your trading be in the next five years?

Are you...

  • Concerned on how rising interest rates will affect demands of an aging investment community needing safety?
  • Curious to know how your portfolio will be affected if fiscal policy from Washington collide with Monetary tightening from the Fed?


  • Is there another “flash crash” in the works? Do you want to know how to prepare your financial situation?
  • What about the way to make money? Forget about option and rate of return theories. Would you like to know how you can use multiple Algos to execute trades and help impact your next twelve months revenue.
  • Are the markets now just a high stakes casino? If so, how do you become the house?

At my next and final seminar of 2019 you will have the chance to get answers to these and many other critical matters.

I bet you’ve been wondering or have already considered some of these questions:

  • Am I paying too much per trade?
  • Do I really have the technology I need to do my best?
  • Am I using a systematic approach to the market?
  • Do I even have the right Algos in my trading methods?
  • How good are you at what you do? How could I do better?
  • All this adds up to one simple question, doesn’t it?

 How can you make sure you have a better year and greater income?

John Person website

How can you do better next year? The past is often discussed at other events, but you need to know how to do better in the future. That’s exactly what this three day seminar concentrate on with laser focus. Learn how you can trade smarter, faster and more efficiently tomorrow and for your future.

This three-day intensive seminar is design for traders and investment managers who are looking to explore quantitative momentum strategies for equities, ETFs, Futures and FX.

The three-day seminar will cover key short- and long-term strategies, for auto trading and discretionary trades, other topics include: when is the best time for day and overnight trades is specific markets, when to set the auto trader on and when to use the features for discretionary order entry.

Introduction - October 31st - November 2nd, 2019

  • General cause of momentum.
  • Measuring market and performance tools.
  • Relative Strength Analysis with Persons Market Catcher.
  • Cross-sectional time series trade set-ups.
  • A quick tutorial on Trade Station functions.
  • Learning to run statistical  back testing
  • Learning how to use  momentum and mean-reverting strategies.
  • Learning correlations and how to trade with inverse and tandem relationships.

Momentum Strategies in Futures

  • S&P 500, Crude Oil , Gold, Bonds and Euro FX
  • Learning to overlay & interact  momentum strategies

Short-Term Event-Driven Momentum Strategies

  • How do breakout strategies work?

Leveraged ETF & ETN Strategies

  • Learning correlation analysis to trade specific ETF’s & ETNS.

Adjusting Position Size tactic:

  • Learn to adjust position size as set by risk or use stagnant position size orders.

Note: This seminar will use Genesis, TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim and Tradestation Platforms. However, attendees will be able to apply the methodology and principles taught here regardless of which software they choose to use.

Take advantage of this very special workshop. I am teaching my best high probability set-ups, plus, I will be sharing with you my best trading Indicators t provided on TOS, TradeStation and Genesis platforms.

Why is this Seminar different?

This seminar will teach you the importance of my top subject matters, Algo Trading with my own indicators. I also want to teach you how you can scan for trading opportunities by letting computer software do the heavy lifting for you!  We will also be teaching these critical subjects:

John Person Algo StrategiesAlgo Trading
Comparative Relative Strength.
Market Internals.
Option strategies using IV/HV & Volume/ Open Int.
Set-ups: Entries and Exit Strategies.

Specialized leveraged and inverse ETF’s that correspond with specific Stock Index’s like the Dow, the NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and the S&P 500. Bearish ones like $DOG, $QID, & $TZA, but I want to teach you ALL the ETFS that will magnify your returns.

As I mentioned before, you also need to know when and how to apply proper position sizing techniques so when the market moves you are properly positioned.

If you or your trading performance have been struggling; or you have been scared to trade due to a bad past experience; I encourage you to sign up right away and get the best trading education available. I will teach you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make you a better trader, with less risk than ever before. Armed with this new education you will be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute consistent trades in the market.

The secrets and unique techniques we disclose at this event are design to make you a Superstar Trader. There is LIMITED seating available, so sign up now.

Just like in trading, don’t let a little ‘Theta” time decay leave you in the Dust.

Reserve YOUR seat! Don't be left out...

John will show you how... in the first half of June 2017 anyone that traded found out that price volatility simply died. Trading ranges diminished, buy as the two charts below shows there was a way to capitalize on what small voality did exist. Newer videos available on our channel.

Taking a small 2 contract position in the Algo system in Gold futures generated a $5,420 profit.


In that same two week sample period the 30 year bonds generated a $3,375 profit. That’s only using two contract on each position.


That same system in the same time-period generated a stellar $4,560 net return on two contracts in Crude Oil.


JOHN will show you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make you trade smarter, with less risk than ever before. He will teach you patterns that will bring you immediate results using his PPS momentum indicator combined with his Persons Pivot Points and how to implement a dynamic trading system. You will leave this seminar with confidence, competence and consistent methods.

John will show you exactly how to manage risk as well as rewards. ONLY our seminars can offer you, and DELIVER, all of the above!

John Person's trading approach incorporates time tested techniques with the aid of Pivot Points and candlestick charts, which help identify the true condition of the markets. If you believe market prices are simply the reflection of human emotion on perceived CURRENT VALUE and focus on what the market is doing rather than what the market might do, then you are ahead of the crowd in understand how markets function. With that understanding, you will then be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute or trigger into a trade or position in the market.

***Just like in trading, those who delay are left out****
Reserve YOUR seat! Don't be left out.....
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John Person Seminar

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30-Days of Planning and Scanning


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When:    Thursday, October 31sr, 2019
Registration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM
9:00AM - 4:00PM - Intensive Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

Friday, November 1st, 2019
9:00AM - 4:00PM - Intensive Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
9:00 am - 3:30pm - Live Trading / Teaching
Breakfast and Lunch included

John PersonI strongly suggest that you register now. This Annual High Powered LIVE TRAINING EVENT
will fill up quickly and I cannot make any exceptions since I have very limited space.
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